Experience in the use of E-Energy

My acquaintance with the E-Energy

Outlet image

Hi friends! Recently ordered this device to save energy E-Energy. He looks like a regular outlet, but not quite, but all in good time!

I have a garage where I like to spend free time, but in the winter it is very cold and the batteries freeze. The heater worked all day? No money is not enough! And when I came across the ad for this miracle of technology, I realized that this is my version and I think!

Time was just enough to explore the product fully, and I quickly order through the official website E-Energybecause of the 50% discount has nothing to snorting. By the way, before the Internet I used to buy train tickets, so worried about the delivery, but it was useless. Immediately after ordering I was contacted by the manager and a week later a package notice.

How to use the device, I was taught manual! It's simple:

  1. You must first add the network smart gadget;
  2. Then turn right onto the electronics;
  3. All! Now you can set the timer to automatically turn off the power!

Compare the difference in energy consumption is considerable: almost a quarter, which is very pleasant and allows you to save on electricity bills today!

That's it! I hope that my experience in the use and application of E-Energy be of use to you! Definitely suggest!