Ways to save electricity: how to save electricity in a crisis

metropolis and energy saving

The 21st century has given man many inventions and opportunities, new electrical installations, and devices that operate mainly from the mains. Today, the home of every inhabitant of the planet is literally full of devices that provide light and heat, help to cook, wash clothes, store perishable food longer, and even learn and have fun. However, many have already seen that paying for electricity can create a big "hole" in the family budget. It makes sense to understand how you can save electricity in an apartment or private home to significantly reduce your monthly expenses and free up money that can be spent on other purposes.

The main ways to save energy

The question of how to save electricity, especially in homes where electric stoves and electric water heaters are installed, is always before consumers, especially in the current crisis of the country and the world economy. Paying for the power supply of a private house or an ordinary apartment is one of the leading expenses in the family budget for utilities. Regardless of stability or real financial situation, saving is always relevant, because no one wants to waste money, and this is the right decision. Let's see how experts and experts in their field suggest saving energy.

It is interesting

Proper saving of electricity in the home will significantly reduce the cost of utilities by almost three times, so it is worth taking this issue seriously. If it seems to you that turning off the lights in the room on time does not affect the overall puppy much, it makes sense to just do an experiment and find out how much money you lose per month before paying attention.

There are three main ways to save energy, all of which revolve around their derivatives.

  1. Use of new technologies that may require significant financial investment (purchase of household appliances, gadgets and other electrical appliances with a high level of economy).
  2. Authorized use of electrical equipment.
  3. Theft of electricity from the state.

In our article we will discuss the first two ways to save in more detail, but it is recommended that you immediately give up the third because jokes with the state can end badly, and instead of saving you will incur additional costs for fines and sometimes litigation.

Simple ways to save energy at home

energy saving lamp to save electricity

Most people have no idea how much electricity this or that device, which is used regularly, will "eat" in a month, so there is no concept that you can save. First of all, when buying new appliances and equipment, you need to know how much energy it consumes, which will show what kind of electricity consumption you intend.

Approximate data for comparison

According to statistics, the main cost items are formed by the use of some basic electrical appliances that are available in almost every home.

  • Electric ovens are capable of absorbing 20% to 30% of monthly consumption.
  • The refrigerator is considered the most serious device because it consumes about 30% of electricity because it never goes out.
  • Light bulbs and other lighting fixtures "shake" about 16-19% of the total.
  • A modern washing machine increases by about 15%.
  • Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, computers, chargers, etc. The rest of the household appliances and office equipment, including, consume about 20% of the total electricity bill.

Thus, due to the skillful and deliberate use of these devices, you can significantly reduce the cost of this item from your family budget. Let's take a closer look at how you can honestly and legally save on electricity and how you can save hard-earned money.

Let there be light!

Interestingly, many consumers do not think that a large amount of budget can be spent on lighting an apartment. Today, it is optimal to buy lamps only for domestic workers who are not lazy. The government has even banned the production of ordinary incandescent lamps with a power of 100 watts or more for sale to ordinary citizens. Fifty-watt lamps are also rumored to be illegal, making way for "domestic workers. "But LEDs and energy-saving light bulbs alone will not help save electricity. Here are some tips you should always follow.

  • Turn off the lights when moving from one room to another. If this is difficult for you, or if you have many young children at home who have difficulty explaining the essence, you can install special heat sensors. They won't cost much, but they will turn off the lights as soon as the person leaves the room.
  • Make sure there is more than one light source in the room, depending on your needs, so as not to constantly turn on the light that consumes the most.
  • Hear from your nose that cleanliness is not only a guarantee of health, but also energy saving. Wash windows and chandeliers more often so that light enters the apartment freely and unobstructed. According to scientists, the level of illumination with dirty windows drops to 28-36%, which is much higher.
  • When planning a renovation, make sure that the furniture and walls reflect more light. Light tones will help to reflect up to 85%, and dark tones - only 10-13%.

People who already use only these tips say that this way you can save at least 10-15% of the account without any tension, and this is already a very serious success.

Energy saving technology and its proper application

Another very effective way to save electricity in a private home or apartment is to buy a new one equipped with energy-saving systems, home appliances and other regular appliances. Modern energy-saving equipment, even with the letters G + A +++, is specially labeled. The former will consume a lot of energy, but the savings in the latter will be the most important.

It is worth choosing for yourself the most economical devices that will save you money. In addition, don't be afraid to buy the latest science and technology, such as induction cookers, super-efficient washing machines or micathermic heaters. But that's not all, because all of these devices still need to be used properly to minimize costs.

  • Always unplug all electrical appliances when not needed. They don't seem to work, but the small light on the panel is still on, which means the kilowatts are slowly rotating. If such a waste is insignificant in a month, it will be more impressive after a year, and you will want to catch your head when it is calculated after ten years.
  • If you buy a refrigerator without a No Frost system, you will have to defrost it regularly. A good housewife knows that the more ice there is in the freezer, the more the device "pulls".
  • Buy special containers for electric ovens and choose the size of the bottom to fit as close as possible to the burner. When cooking, always cover the pans with a lid and use at low to medium heat. This prevents heat loss and saves more than 10%.
  • Do not overload the washing machine, it is better to cut the washer in half, it will be more economical and the appliance will stay in better condition.
  • Do not place the refrigerator near stoves or heaters, otherwise its energy consumption will increase significantly.
  • Remember to regularly remove the scales that form on the walls of the kettle, as it will significantly extend the heating time of the water, which will increase consumption and increase the cost of electricity.

The most advanced users install in their homes or apartments not only infrared sensors, solar panels for heating, but also timer electrical outlets that you can "paste" a TV or computer. Even if you fall asleep, the "smart" plug will simply turn off the gadget and you will have to pay less for the light.

Double tariff meter and street heating

sunflower and solar panels save energy

Experts recommend that those who can use high-energy appliances install two-tariff electricity meters in their homes. They allow a significant reduction in the same proportions throughout the day and in a completely different way from 23: 00 to 7: 00. It will not be difficult to wash and open the heater and dishwasher overnight, and the savings will be noticeable. The cost of such a device is very high, and you will have to disconnect yourself by contacting the electrical department, but you will pay for it in just one year and save money.

  • You can't "heat the street", that is, you can't pay attention to the proper thermal insulation of a particular house or apartment, you can't change the windows, you can't insulate the walls, all this will pay off and you will have to spend less money on heating.
  • Infrared heaters, which heat only part of the living space, look great.
  • The boiler should not always be maintained, although it all depends on the daily water consumption, ie the number of people living in the house. You can turn it off and on again at night, either at night or while walking for a long time.
  • Set the optimal water temperature in the heater, do not keep the maximum. Three or four times a year, the boiler needs to be cleaned of scales, which significantly increases electricity consumption.
  • Wash batteries and other heating appliances regularly when unplugged, as this will significantly increase the consumption of dirt, dust and debris and reduce efficiency.

Smart Home System

The West has long promoted an innovative invention that will lead mankind into the future - the "Smart Home" system. An incredible system will help you easily save electricity, both in an individual house and in an apartment, because you can install it anywhere and anytime. This invention involves the installation of various sensors and modern remote systems that turn on or off the lighting or heating level, water supply temperature, oven, computer, television, dishwasher or air conditioner.

True, you will have to leave, but it is definitely worth it. After more than a year, you will receive a full refund and you will begin to feel how much confidence can be gained in the benefits of using new technologies and scientific achievements in everyday life.